Lapis AI - A proofreading tool to write English like a native speaker.

Draft (Demo)

Are you confident in your English writing abilities?

There are times when you are not sure about your English writing, especially if you are a non-native writer. Since the birth of humanity, languages have been used as a classifier between "us" and "them." When you use English to communicate messages that are more substantial than casual conversations, such as when selling a product, the naturalness of your sentences will be judged. You will be judged on whether or not you are "one of us." It is a matter of authenticity. If we can overcome this barrier, what will change?

Currently, proofreading software is not doing a good job. For example, they tend to give erroneous suggestions.

When I built a landing page, I needed to proofread the text. (If you are a non-native writer and you want to present something in English, proofreading is a must. Native speakers will sense that you are a non-native writer and say your text needs proofreading.) I wanted a software for proofreading. I tested out the proofreading tools available, but I wasn’t content with them. So, I decided to make a new one, using my skills as an AI engineer.

Let me introduce myself. I went to Kyoto University to study AI. After that, I worked mainly as an AI engineer for about five years.

I built a prototype using the latest AI technologies. The results exceeded my expectations. For example, it proofreads "We are going to be the leader of the market." as "be trying to be", "want to be" or "would be" would be more natural. We did a crowdfunding campain and that was a success, so we opened up this service officially.



Spell checker and suggestion like "a" or "the".


Addition to the free version, we make your English more natural.